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Dental CleaningS

Why Are Routine Cleanings Important?

Although you may be practicing good dental care at home (brushing for two full minutes each day, flossing daily, etc.), it is still important to see your dentist regularly for a professional cleaning. A regular teeth cleaning with our dentistry is recommended at least every 6-12 months in order to prevent decay and other oral problems that can come with improper dental care.

Visiting the dentist to have your teeth cleaned often is important to your dental health. With regular cleanings, you can continue to have a bright, shiny smile—all while protecting it from severe damage that can be caused by plaque and tartar that build up when your teeth are not cleaned thoroughly. In addition, a regular cleaning gives your dentist a wonderful opportunity to inspect your mouth and teeth for any signs of dental problems.

Benefits of Cleanings

There are many reasons why you should attend regular cleanings; they come with many benefits:

  • Prevents gum disease
  • Prevents future tooth loss from tooth disease or decay
  • Eliminates/prevents bad breath
  • Gives you a whiter/brighter smile
  • Promotes good dental/oral health
  • Allows the dentist to detect warning signs of potential dental/oral complications

Cleaning Procedure

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Step 1

During a routine teeth cleaning procedure, we will use special dental instruments to gently remove any large deposits of plaque and tartar that have built up on your teeth, including a tool that mists water to wash away loose debris within the mouth.

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Step 2

After removing any signs of tarter, we will polish your teeth. We use a special polishing tool and polishing paste (similar to toothpaste) to create a smooth surface on your teeth. Sometimes, we may apply a fluoride solution to your teeth to finalize the cleaning; fluoride helps strengthen the enamel against plaque and tartar build up.